Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations (EAIMUN) is Afghanistan’s first International Model United Nation conference hosting international delegates from across Europe and Asian countries. The event was first organized by a group of experienced MUNers and Students with the help & support of Concept House Consulting (CHC) on 26th to 29th April 2018 in the historical city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The idea of Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations originates from the elbMUN conference which is based in Dresden city of Germany. The logo precisely describes the Elbe (river) which represents the prestigious partnership of elbMUN, Germany and the Qala-e-Bost monument represents the ancient history of Ariana currently known as Afghanistan. The Elbe Ariana International Model United Nation is an intercultural exchange conference as well as a deeper start of an international bond between west and east.

EAIMUN aims to be the medium for participants of diverse background, culture and disciplines thus to share, discuss, and potentially find solutions to current global issues. EAIMUN aims to enhance participants from all over the world thus to take part in this prestigious conference and explore a new world of Model United Nations in Afghanistan.

EAIMUN presents a great platform for young diplomats to groom themselves in understanding international foreign policy and diplomacy in a suitably incredible found within EAIMUN. Additionally, the MUN will offer diverse forums of debate with topics of international importance as well as of regional interest.

EAIMUN 2019 is the second edition after the succession of EAIMUN 2018 that was held in French Institute, Kabul on April 26th to 29th. EAIMUN was established with the aim of bringing together young people all over the world to cooperate in social movements, business, technology and culture to get to know each other and bring changes for a better world. Through international programs, youth is expected to build leadership skills of young people around the world who have a global thinking, and bring them together to know each other, appreciate and support one another today and tomorrow in the future.

EAIMUN is aims to provide a platform for young future diplomats to encourage themselves in understanding international issue and policy, debate and share perspective between participants from different background and different ethnicity. The ultimate goal of a EAIMUN conference is to encourage youth awareness of current international relations and issues, understand and try to form possible solution to solve the issue, whilst providing an atmosphere where participant can improve their communication and diplomatic skill, critical thinking and networking.

All we shall be doing at EAIMUN 2019 is building the global leaders of tomorrow, today.


Youth Run: The conference is entirely youth run. Unlike many other programs, students have the opportunity to choose the topics they will be debating by representing their allotted countries, participate in leadership training, and serve as diplomat at the culminating conference. International: EAIMUN 2018 was the first genuine International Model UN in Afghanistan which hosted 20 plus International participants.


EAIMUN is a place of vertical exchange of knowledge and ideas between accomplished and experienced members of the academia, acting on the world stage and perspective youth interested in gaining further insight in the sphere of international diplomacy. Our mission is to promote and encourage awareness, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of different people, cultures, beliefs and attitudes by organizing, sponsoring and promoting Model United Nations conferences and other international events.


We envision EAIMUN as a place to meet, discuss and experience first-hand, what it means to be a diplomat working or presenting at the world’s biggest multilateral organization- the United Nations. By simulating the United Nations, we encourage knowledge of international affairs, research, understanding of parliamentary procedures, analytical reasoning, problem solving, professionalism in negotiation, oral and written presentation of ideas, etc. .




Proffessional MUNers Team




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Executive Board

Speenghar Ahmadzai

Founder & President

Saliha Shahbaz

Chief of Organizing Committee

Rabia Safi

Executive Assistant

Caroline Guillet – France

Secretary General EAIMUN 2019

Behishta Hashimi

Co Secretary General

Saliha Shahbaz

Director General Finance

Advisory Board

Khatia Kobalia – Georgia


Georgi Kalchev -Bulgaria


Ashraf Haidari

Afghan Ambassador to Sri Lanka and EAIMUN Chief Advisor



Representative - Pakistan

Amin Atef Nabet – Egypt

Representative - Arab & African Countries

Nur Wahyuningsih

Representative - Southeast Asia

Siddhant Kishore

Representative - South Asia

Organizing Committee


DG Registrations

Shafiqullah Jabarkhail

Director General Logistics

Suman Alamyar

Public Affairs Manager

Tawfeeq Ahmad Tawseef

Director General Media & Publications

Sayed Agha Ahmady

Director General Marketing & Sponsorships


Manager International Affairs

Abdullah Malakzai

Media & Publications Manager

Adiba Alamyar

Finance Manager

Sayed Shaheer Bashardost

Director General Social Events

Director General International Affairs

Musawer Attae

Director General Volunteers

Wasiuddin Najam

Director General Public Affairs

Mursalina Amin

Social Events Manager

Said Saber Zewari

Logistics Manager

Wahida Hanifi

Marketing & Sponsorships Manager

Robina Faizi

Volunteers Manager

Elbe Ariana International Model UN Conference 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan

From National Unity to International Diplomacy