Dear delegates!

It is a great honor for me to welcome and greet you as a Co-Secretary General of EAIMUN 2019.

Each modelist has its own story and experience, so I am not an exception. I started my “model career” in Moscow, just to practice the language, but then I got involved in the very process of “playing” in the marks of the procedure and pushing my arguments and my resolution projects. First, in 2015, I participated in the best Moscow MUNs as delegate (MIMUN, MSUMUN, RSUHMUN), then, in a year, I already was chairing the Security Councils in MIMUN and RSUHMUN in the Spanish language. I also was part of the organization committee of other models, G20 Model and BRICS Model. Then, I did my best and won “Best Delegate” in BCMUN in Mexico in 2016 and in FIRMUN in Belarus in 2017. Having all this baggage now I hope to do my best job as your CO-Secretary General.

It’s been long time of preparation to make this MUN perfect for you. We’ve established different agendas and committees, programmed some special events, sometimes took some difficult decisions. We assured all the conditions for you to be writing your own history on EAIMUN.

Just remember, the model United Nations is done by its delegates.

See you soon on the sessions!

Vera Konistratenko

Co- Secretary General EAIMUN 2019