Introduction to ECOSOC

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations also called the ECOSOC is one of the six main organs of the UN established by the UN Charter, 1946 which involves debate, innovating thinking of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), policy analysis, policy review, recommendations on various economic/ social issues and implementations for the same.

Agenda: Expanding economic opportunities and reducing unemployment in the developing world. 

Talking about the three dimensions of the sustainable development- economic, social and environmental, ECOSOC has stood out as an effective wing for providing overall guidance in implementations of policies globally reaching out to millions in terms of economic uplifting and financial progression. Reducing unemployment has been a raging challenge for the world especially when it comes to developing countries. Various international communities have taken up the responsibilities to bring out the solution to the global crisis of unemployment and have worked within their potentials time and again.

A factor being a hurdle for the expansion of economic opportunities is the acceptance of various social and economic groups’ active participation in a wider forum of policy analysis, implementation, and education. Overall development is impossible to achieve if a certain section of the society is withdrawn from an active debate. The modern twenty-first-century approach to root out poverty is by building a ladder to ensure that every citizen of this world has a reasonable opportunity to gain higher education, start a business, create a viable financial status for themselves and their families. If we talk in terms of economy, some of the most displaced groups such as low-income families, need slots to trigger development. Enterprising women play a key role in expanding the economy. Introducing women to the various sectors of the economy, improving their access to skill development, expanding their reach in different jobs etc. can definitely enhance the employment rates in one particular section.  

When it comes to expanding economic opportunities in developing countries, states have to be very subtle with their business policies. An international investment-welcoming state is likely to witness more economic growth, hence the World Bank Index for ease of doing business tells about the nations willingness to promote international trade and commerce. By exploring between international development, business, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) communities in order to establish links between private sector development and poverty alleviation, the ease of increasing employment in developing nations can be swiftly escalated. Overall economic development comes with an improvement in the health care center, financial services center, tourism sector etc. With the ECOSOC’s annual High-Level Segment including High-Level Political Forums and Development Cooperation Forums, the wing provides political leadership, guidance, recommendation for sustainable development and reviews trends and progress in development cooperation.


I was born in New Delhi, India and brought up in the Bihar state of India and I’m pursuing BA in Media studies, Political Science and Economics at Christ University, Bangalore. I am a socio-political engineer who is an outdoor enthusiast and I have been involved in the field of politics as a strategist and campaigner. I have been working in various NGOs as a motivational speaker and also founded an NPO of my own in the year 2012 promoting education for children in rural areas of Bihar, India. I was an executive member of a Bangalore based student organization called Dialogue India.

I have written various columns for online web portals on politics, military, social issues and various other strategically complex topics related to India’s national security. I love the idea of debating and I have been promoting the idea of community debates under Dialogue India. I have previously worked for multiple political parties in India for providing political consultancy services, media management, campaign designing. I have interned at Hindustan Times, India’s one of the oldest newspapers. 

I have a special interest in conflict management, this interest of mine has took to various conflict ridden areas of Myanmar, Afghanistan, Assam and Kashmir. 

Apart from all of this, I’m more of an outdoor person. I am a trained snake rescue specialist and instructor. I have attended and headed various workshops across India spreading awareness for wildlife conservation and relief. I love outdoor sports, I am a military enthusiast and I personally enjoy rifle shooting.

I’m an amateur aviator, I have flying hours’ experience in microlight aircraft. I love painting and I’m a musician as well. I have been playing piano for the last 13 years. 

Siddhant Kishore


EAIMUN 2019, Kabul
















I am Gulrukh Sadullayeva, graduated from BBA in English language and literature, besides, my official work, I am a social activist and attended more than 10 Model UN conferences as delegate, Chair, Vice-Chair and organizer.

This time, I will be exploring MUN journey with you Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations 2019 conference. I would like to affectionately welcome you to the ECOSOC Committee at EAIMUN 2019. As Committee Co-Chair, my focus will be on giving you a greater gratitude for today’s relevant international issues.

ECOSOC topic area is of key importance in the global community today. The topic is flexible by design as we hope you will take this opportunity to diversify and explore your own interests within the subject matter. We would inspire you to attend as a delegates’ point in your own preparation. Queries are welcome and we look forward to meeting you in Person.