Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the next session of the Elbe Ariana International Model United Nations Conference 2020 (EAIMUN 3.0). The previous two editions have proven to be very exciting and successful events which attracted more than 300 Delegates across Afghanistan and other countries. We are looking forward to building on the positive results we achieved by making our next edition of the conference stronger, more ambitious, fulfilling and exciting. It is our pleasure to continue to provide you with top-quality educational material and life-changing stories to help make your Model United Nations experience the best one possible.

We are committed to our vision of EAIMUN being an educational event for participants, facilitating for them the ability to meet and network with individuals from other universities, cities and countries and partake in our immersive committee experiences.

We are bringing back some of your favorite creative committees that we organized last year such as the UNSC, UNHCR, UNHRC, WHO and the specialized committee the Meshrano Jirga. In making these high-quality simulations, we are bringing brand new committees to EAIMUN 3.0 such as the UNCAW, and UNFPA, these committees of the United Nations are key elements in the profile we have worked hard to maintain as Afghanistan’s biggest & leading Model United Nations simulation.

Through this simulation, students gain a greater understanding of the actual legislative process of the United Nations as well as a new perspective on world issues.

This creativity and inspiration is made possible through the strength and quality of our energetic & passionate members, with members from throughout Afghanistan and other countries working to make this experience incredible for you. We are featuring UN 6 committees this year being organized by a talented group of International Chairs from 10 Different countries working hard to deliver the expectations and quality that we have become known for. We are the EAIMUN and our record of organizing exciting learning activities for our participants is what in return makes us one of Afghanistan’s best simulations of the United Nations.

I would like to extend our gratitude in advance for your active participation in the conference. I’m sure that the combination of our effective guidance and your enthusiasm will result to a once-in-a lifetime experience. Join us this April in Kabul as we welcome hundreds of delegates from across Afghanistan and 14 other countries for a 4 days of exciting debate, networking and fun.

With encouragement,

Speenghar Ahmadzai

Founder & President EAIMUN